Prevention and Cessation Education in Medical Schools
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Results from Assessment

Evaluation of Current Tobacco Curriculum
Evaluation of Current Tobacco Curriculum at 12 US Medical Schools.
Catherine A. Powers, Jane G. Zapka, Bryan Bognar, Catherine Dubé, LindaHyder Ferry, Kristi J. Ferguson, Joseph F. O'Donnell, Nancy Rigotti, Carey Conley Thomson, MaryJo White, LuAnn Wilkerson, Alan C. Geller. Journal of Cancer Education, 2004 (in press).

Evaluation of Tobacco Education at 12 US Medical Schools
presented by Catherine A. Powers and Jane Zapka at PACE Conference, 2003

School-specific Tobacco Teaching : Each of the 12 participating PACE medical schools completed the curriculum assessment tool and the data was analyzed for tobacco content. The results of this analysis are graphically represented in the matrices.




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