Prevention and Cessation Education in Medical Schools
Tobacco Education in Medical Schools Prevention and Cessation Education
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Overview of PACE project

In this project, 12 medical schools from throughout the United States, with a wide range of depth and breadth of tobacco curricula, will develop, refine, and integrate new modules, train medical school faculty, evaluate teaching content, assess opportunities for diffusion, and disseminate Resource Guides/Tool Kits to multiple universities. We anticipate that exemplary universities of tobacco teaching can be developed to serve as regional and national role models. With expertise in medical student education, curriculum development, faculty training, and evaluation for tobacco prevention and cessation, we have the following specific aims:

Aim 1-Assess current curriculum and organize and convene a national conference

Aim 2-Develop new modules, plans for integration, and conduct faculty training

Aim 3-Conduct trial implementation

Aim 4-Conduct a comprehensive, formative, process and impact evaluation

Aim 5-Disseminate Resource Guides/Tool Kits to other medical schools

At the end of this five-year grant, we anticipate that tobacco education modules will be successfully incorporated into a number of US medical schools and graduating students at these schools will be able to skillfully perform tobacco prevention and cessation counseling for children, adolescents, and adults.

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